Our Services

Hydrovac Excavation:

We specialize in digging power pole holes and anchors. O’Brien Bros. efficiently and effectively digs power pole holes (of varying diameter and depth).

Daylighting, also known as potholing, refers to the process of exposing buried facilities by vacuum excavation. O’Brien Bros. daylighting service can enhance project safety, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Often, because of unknown underground utilities, and due to improperly mapped areas, properly locating utilities can be a huge safety issue for projects. We provide utility locates using a dramatically uninvasive process, thus providing higher accuracy, and – most importantly – greater safety.

Hydrovac Excavation is also effective in efficiently cleaning manholes, and catch basins.

Hand Digging:

We specialize in hand digging in areas where utilities are likely present, and non-access to Hydro Vac for power pole holes and anchors. Because of unknown underground utilities, and due to improperly mapped areas, super uninvasive and higher accuracy, greater safety.

Drilling, Splitting & Blasting:

We use drills to install rock anchors for power poles where we cannot achieve proper depth for the traditional plate anchor.

We use air compressors with drills to split up boulders, and if needed blasting for bedrock that interfere with placement of utilities and poles.

Remote Access:

For areas that have no road access, we specialize in helicopter longlining to fly in the needed gear and equipment to remote locations to get the job completed. Using a helicopter, we can easily gain entry to areas with non-road access for power pole installation, providing hand digging, drilling and blasting with our specialized equipment.

Other Services:

Stone Slinger:

Put gravel where you want it with pinpoint accuracy for up to 40 ft. Our team provides a stone slinger to backfill power pole holes & anchors with suitable backfill, and to fill fly bags for remote heli access jobs.

Excavator & Dump Truck:

Our excavator and dump truck are used to build temporary roads using teck cloth and gravel, or swamp/rig mats, ensuring safer back and forth movement for the duration of your project. We specialize in emergency response services to gain access to affected areas during storms or natural disasters, providing assistance to the power industry in their efforts to reinstate power as safely and quickly as possible.

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